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Circular Design Explorations with the Bio-Fold Team
Katya and Tomás from SPACE10 have been experimenting with biodegradable binders and vegetal fibres in materials that can be used for fabricating furniture. In this SPACE10 Session, you are invited to explore with them.

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Agricultural production disposes of great amounts of waste in the form of vegetal fibres. On a global scale, these natural by-products show significant promise for the production of biodegradable composite materials, or simply biocomposites. When communities are empowered with the right methods and tools, these vegetal fibres can turn from ‘waste’ into ‘material’.

We recently released the Bio-Fold project created by SPACE10 residents Katya Bryskina and Tomás Clavijo. Using simple household tools and the ubiquitous FRAKTA bag, they have designed a step-by-step guide, with the aim of allowing anyone, anywhere, to create circular furniture from their own home. This opens up the opportunity to encourage truly democratic expansion of circular design.

In this SPACE10 Session, Katya and Tomás will discuss some of the research underpinning the project, as well as its components of circularity, technology, culture and design.

This SPACE10 Session has a maximum capacity of 1000 participants.

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Jul 7, 2020 05:00 PM in Copenhagen

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